Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just Opened This Email From One of Our Customers!

Beady Queen,
I wanted to send my testimonial for you to share with your future customers. I am a elementary school teacher in Houston and in our district we are required to wear ID Badges. After searching for some time now for a pretty lanyard made out of beads I decided to google "beaded lanyards" and "lanyards." I came across BeadyQueen.com designs. I quickly looked at all your pictures and read the descriptions and had the hardest time deciding on which beautiful one to purchase. I made my mind up and chose two beaded lanyard patterns that I thought would match most of my wardrobe and placed and order for a custom one too. I LOVED all of them and your affordable prices too. I wear one of my neck lanyards everyday to school and receive daily compliments from my fellow teachers.
Thank you for beautiful products made with quality materials and superb service!

Mrs. Janet Redman

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Amber said...

Agreed! Traci, you do beautiful work!