Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keep Trying

I made another trip to Bead Traders here in Houston the other day, again Jason amazed me with all of his ideas and creativity. Of course, there are always people that come into the shop and share there ideas or show there latest creations.

It is inspiring and makes me want to try new things.

I am wondering if can learn to solder or wire wrap more efficiently. Sometimes the first time I try new things I get discouraged, I then do something else, try again later with a new attitude. So, I am thinking the first try is always awkward !! Ok so, I will not give up so easily on things I really want, as we all need to learn things.

Keep watching my web sight a have a few new beaded bracelets that are really classy !!!

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Stephanie said...

I'm the same way. If I don't get it right the 1st or 2nd try I'll put it down and try something else. I still have a pair of earrings that I haven't touched in well over a year. Hmm...might have to get around to beading them!