Sunday, January 13, 2008

ID Badge-Beaded Lanyards

I am so excited to share with you two new beaded ID Badges I made over the weekend! These beaded lanyards are stunning and designed with unique beaded patterns. Each one measures about 45" long. The perfect length to be able to swipe, flip, or show your badge at work. These lanyards are easy to lift over your head.

I designed them with brand new clips. These are swivel clips that you squeeze open and slip the hole on your badge into the opening and then let go. The squeeze clip closes right up and your badge is secure.

Pink Zebra Badge

Here is a close up of the Pink Zebra ID Badge. Isn't it fun?! I just love the zebra beads mixed with pink seed beads and pink rock chips.

Mid-Night Magic Badge
This terrific ID Badge has several different colors and I love how it came out! It makes a statement but is nuetral enough to wear everyday and with any outfit. The Italian Bead featured at the bottom has gold, copper, green, blue, and black stripes in it. I saw this gorgeous bead and knew I had to have it!


pajohnson said...

You make beautiful jewelry. I want to do that someday. Right now I make hemp necklaces and want to have web site to sell them on. How did you display them to get them to look so great? I am also a MUIB member. I am linking to your page.

beaded lanyards said...

I especially like the pink & black beaded lanyard. It is very stylish. Too many lanyards are plain and uninteresting. Lanyards like this give people the option to wear a lanyard that suits their personality. Security accessories don't have to be boring.