Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm It! I Have Been Tagged Again!

Thanks Lori from Country Potpourri for tagging me!
The rules this time are to list 4 random facts about myself and then tag 4 more bloggers to play.

4 Random Facts about me Traci the Beady Queen:
1. I can't open cold leftovers out of the fridge. The smell makes me want to throw up! ( I know weird, but I am listing random things about myself!)

2. I only dress my son in Polo clothes, including his socks. ( I can't believe I am listing this for the judgements that are going to me made about me. But in my defense I buy a lot of them on sale. Does that count? My close friends clown be about this! And yes, I know my son does not know what name brands are.)

3. I can't window shop. I have a thing for bargains and pretty items! Can't help it.

4. I LOVE to volunteer and help others. I am a giver. Love to see others happy!

I am now tagging 4 more Mommy bloggers to join us and play!

Jill and her blog is HomemadebyJill.blogspot.com
I lover her blog and she has some great tutorials and tips!

I chose our slice of pie because she is a Texan and lives not too far from me. Oursliceofpie.blogspot.com

I related to Angie and her scrapbook post! Check it out randomAngie.blogspot.com

Amy-tinyblessings.blogspot.com Her Tackle It Tuesday post was to clean out the fridge! eewww Good Luck! I wish you well and you are a better women than I! I leave it for the hubby to do! (grin)

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Nanci said...

I am Nanci. I live in Florida. I am a mother, and a grandmother. I love beading, and do quite a bit of it. Your beading looks beautiful. I suffer from severe panic attacks that leave me housebound, except for the middle of the night visits to Walmart to get groceries when no one is shopping. I would like to be successful with this blogging, but I must be doing something wrong, because no one sends me any blogs.

I guess, I'm very lonely and would like to really to talk to people about all sorts of subjects.

Your baby is just beautiful. Please write back to me.